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Small Business Renewal Process

Renewal Response Form

Renewal rates and plan summaries are mailed to the small business employers around the 19th of the month prior to their renewal date.

Agents/producers will receive the new rates a week before the small businesses. This will give the producer time to examine the material before their clients begin to call them with any questions they might have. Once the producer has met with their clients and reviewed their options, the client needs to fill out the renewal response form found in their renewal packet. These are to be returned to Viva Health no later than the date specified in the renewal material.

The renewal form may be faxed to:
(205) 939-1748
or mailed to
Viva Health, Inc.
Attn: Sales
417 20th Street North, Suite 1100
Birmingham, AL 35203.

Viva Health will no longer accept renewals over the phone. We must have the signature of the employer authorizing us to process the renewal.

Once the renewal response form has been returned, an information packet detailing the group's new benefits will be mailed to the employer at the end of the month. Individual members will also receive a membership packet explaining their new plan.